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Dear customers and friends,

We are glad to introduce our companys in Spain and Portugal, specialized on the sale and distribution of knitting textile machinery for small diameter,seamless, dyeing, finishing and their auxiliar machines as well as yarns, through our company LEFERON, for over 40 years.

We are agents in Spain and Portugal of Lonati group, Santoni, Sangiacomo, Dinema, Mageba, Leferon, Conti Complett, Quanzhou Jingmei, Cetme, Irmac, Tecnopea, Samsung Needles and Fibrescan.

We sell used machines, reconditioned. Also we have a strong technical support and spare parts that ensure the good efficience of the machines.

Thank you very much for consulting us.

Maquinaria textil
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We are a constantly growing company


We represent and we are always on hand to provide all possible services and information so that teams have the highest performance for your company.

What we offer

Constant technological innovation and policy to meet the needs of customers, make Vitex an industry leader in the field of textile machinery company.

Technical Advisory

We also provide technical advice to projects implementation of lines and / or production plants, with assembly and processing machinery such projects.

Production studios

We provide all the information related to the production of the machines we offer.


Our represented and we are able to provide technical / IT / Elecrtrónica training to customers who so request prior arrangement. (request information on conditions)


Our represented and we have the expertise to implement the machines we offer staff.(request information on conditions)


The after-sales service is offered to all our customers.

Spare parts

We have a parts department that guarantees the supply of inputs for all our machinery.

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